The Center for Deliberate Innovation works with Georgia Tech faculty to help them develop the ability to lead deliberately innovative projects and grow educational innovations into thriving and flourishing improvements across campus. These programs are part of a concerted effort to enable the Georgia Tech community to collectively build a deliberately innovative culture that is unique amongst institutions of higher learning.
These programs are offered in different formats to support the challenges the leaders in the program are tackling. If you are interested in learning about or participating in our upcoming leadership development programs, please get in touch with us.

CDI Graduate Course Spring 2019


Starting Spring 2019, the CDI in partnership with the Create-X program, will offer a (permit only) course for graduate students titled - CS 8803/ ECE 8863 Deliberate Innovation and Startups.
This is a course that will further graduate students’ ability to be of value in the world. Students will learn a practical and theoretical framework to answer questions about innovation projects, startups, leadership, and more. In addition, they will develop an understanding of the artificial instincts needed to build and maintain a deliberately innovative culture at both, startups and established organizations. To get more information or learn about future courses offered by the CDI, please send us a note.



The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program on Georgia Tech's campus unites undergraduate and graduate education with faculty research in a team-based context. Students in VIP teams earn academic credits, while research projects benefit from the design and discovery efforts of their VIP team.
Students in the Deliberate Innovation VIP team will aid the CDI in making clear and accessible the set of principles, tools, and reasoning methods that are offered through a deliberately innovative approach. Further, students will help formulate metrics and structure experiments to study the benefits of operating in a deliberately innovative culture. To join our VIP team, please apply through the VIP portal.


Interns at the CDI have the unique opportunity to learn about deliberate innovation approach by working closely with the CDI staff to help build and support the programs that the Center offers. In addition, interns also interact directly with innovators in leadership development programs and learn first hand the hard work that goes into building a successful innovation project that thrives and flourishes in the world.
The next cohort of CDI interns will start in September 2019 and will run through the academic year, with an option to extend over the summer of 2020. Applicants should be creative, hardworking and self-motivated leaders who are passionate about advancing the current understanding of innovation practices.


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