CDI Faculty Fellows


Dr. Joe LeDoux

Assoc. Chair for Undergraduate Learning
GT Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Joseph M. Le Doux is an Associate Professor in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University. His early research efforts focused on how to use viruses to transfer genes to cells for the purpose of human gene therapy. More recently, he has shifted his research to the learning sciences, focusing on understanding how the generation of engineering diagrams is used to support problem-solving, both by novice and expert engineers. Joe can be reached at joe.ledoux@bme.gatech.edu.


Dr. Lew Lefton

Asst. VP for Research Cyberinfrastructure
GT Mathematics

Dr. Lew Lefton is a faculty member in Georgia Tech’s School of Mathematics. He has co-authored the textbook Introduction to Parallel and Vector Scientific Computing. Lew is also an accomplished and experienced comedian who has done stand up and improv comedy for over three decades. Lew’s research interests include scientific computing, applied mathematics, and is interested in studying the use of humor as a means to enhance technical innovation and creativity. He is also the Founding Director of Decatur Makers, a community makerspace in Decatur. Lew can be reached at lew.lefton@gatech.edu.


Dr. Wendy Newstetter

Director of Learning Sciences Research
GT College of Engineering

Dr. Wendy C. Newstetter's research focuses on understanding cognition and learning in interdisciplines with an eye towards designing educational environments that support the development of integrative thinking and problem solving. As part of a multidisciplinary research and teaching team in the Biomedical Engineering department, Wendy is working to develop new educational models for highly technical courses that will offer a more inclusive learning environment for all students. Wendy can be reached at wendy.newstetter@bme.gatech.edu.


Dr. Mary Lynn Realff

Assoc. Chair for Undergraduate Programs
GT Material Science & Engineering

Dr. Mary Lynn Realff is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Undergrad Programs of Materials Science and Engineering and a Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Women, Science and Technology at Georgia Tech. Her current research focuses on the analysis and design of fibers and fibrous structures. Mary Lynn also runs the Effective Team Dynamics Program at GT which is aimed at integrating team dynamics training into the undergraduate curriculum. Mary Lynn can be reached at mr37@gatech.edu.


Dr. Michael Schatz

Assoc. Chair for Undergraduate Studies
GT Physics

Dr. Michael F. Schatz is a Professor and Associate Chair in the School of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Michael conducts research in both experimental nonlinear dynamics and physics education. He is currently a Director of the Hands-on Research in Complex Systems Schools at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy. Michael is a recipient of the Cottrell Scholars Award and a Fellow of the American Physical Society. Mike can be reached at michael.schatz@physics.gatech.edu.


Dr. Chrissy Spencer

Academic Professional
GT Biological Sciences

Dr. Chrissy Spencer teaches Principles of Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Evolution, Genetics Lab and Math Models. She enjoys co-teaching and applying interactive learning strategies in the classroom, such as active learning and problem-based learning. Chrissy also teaches TAs the foundations of inquiry-based pedagogy. She serves as the undergraduate advisor to a quarter of the Biology majors at GT, including course selection, academic success strategies, and career advising. Chrissy can be reached at chrissy.spencer@biology.gatech.edu.


Dr. Joyce Weinsheimer

GT Center for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Joyce Weinsheimer is director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. With more than 30 years of experience in higher education, she has held multiple campus roles (tenured faculty, department chair, learning center administrator, and international teaching and learning consultant). In her current role, Joyce provides leadership to the campus community on teaching and learning issues. Her vision for CTL is to partner with campus units to provide and support initiatives that help have a positive impact on student learning. Joyce can be reached at joyce.weinsheimer@gatech.edu.



Peter Oliveira Soens

GT Mechanical Engineering

Peter is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. Previously he studied physics at Emory University through the 3-2 Dual Degree program. He is currently integrating mobile app development with both Internet of Things technologies and machine learning algorithms.


Garrett Price

GT School of Physics

Garrett is currently working as Researcher at the CDI. He received his BA in Cultural Anthropology at Emory University in 2017 and his MA in Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2020. He is currently working on research development at the Center for Deliberate Innovation and focuses on the developmental psychology and ethnomethodology within the CDI process.