Announcing the Launch of a Change Accelerator Towards Social Justice at the Center for Deliberate Innovation.

“While we demand change from those with the power to enact it, we must also ask what each of us can do to make good on that promise. … We have a responsibility to empower and include more people, backgrounds, and perspectives in the process.”

- Dr. Ángel Cabrera, President, Georgia Tech

Applications open January 2021.

The CDI is launching a Change Accelerator towards social justice Spring 2021. This program is looking to bring together a community of individuals and teams that want to work on game-changing projects that will further their causes around social justice, diversity, inclusion, equity, Black Lives Matter, etc.

We would very much like to work on a project with potential scale and impact alongside you. If you are committed to creating change around Social Justice, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Black Lives Matter, and more… We are committed to allying with you to accelerate change.

Georgia Tech has made a commitment to be deliberate about innovation. Drawing on lessons learned from running the highly-successful Flashpoint@GT program that accelerated the work of entrepreneurs developing technology startups, the Center for Deliberate Innovation’s Change Accelerator makes the same process available to individuals and teams.

What is The Center for Deliberate Innovation?

We are successful innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, and organizers who invest our time and expertise in teams and individuals who are looking to accomplish meaningful change that would benefit society. We help teams deal with organizations and help navigate situations rife with biases and immunities to change.

What does the CDI do?

We work with teams on their ideas. In three month sprints we will help you and your team figure out the most important things to work on to succeed. Because we have successfully changed systems ourselves and built organizations that lasted we are able to help your team identify and answer the key questions that enable lasting successes using the latest tools and techniques.

Expectations for Participants

The Spring 2021 cohort of the Change Accelerator will start in January 2021. A commitment to allocating the necessary time and a firm desire to see an accelerated change for the better are the key ingredients for moving an innovation or cause forward in the participant’s chosen direction.

What to Expect of the Change Accelerator

Working alongside affiliated Fellows and experienced leadership mentors, selected participants will be given the opportunity to develop their individual and team capacity to lead and accelerate the adoption of meaningful innovative changes. We are proud to be able to make available to selected participants some of the best theories and methods that are known to aid in the acceleration of innovation and change. Many of these theories and methods were developed at Georgia Tech as a result of the work done developing the Flashpoint@GT accelerator that was founded following the conclusions of the Innovation Task Force empaneled by the EVPR’s office in 2010.

The Application Process

The 2021 cohort of the Change Accelerator is open to all at Georgia Tech.

  1. Participants who would like to be considered for selection may apply as individuals or as teams.
  2. Applications are processed in the order in which they arrive.
  3. If you have more than one project, apply with the one of highest priority.

Additional Information

There will be two Information Sessions to assist potential participants with knowledge about Deliberate Innovation and the methods to be employed during the cohort that might be useful in preparing applications. See the dates below.